Below you will find a list of all the series that I have. These are great for long session really honing in a particular topic.

Computational Modeling

In this series you will learn how to create your own custom models for decision making and/or learning. You will start by learning how to select a model that is available in the literature, and learn how to customize it to fit your needs. You will create custom functions for evaluating these models. Finally, you will end with a tutorial on how to estimate your models parameters and evaluates its effectivness from data.

  1. Computation Modeling
  2. Selecting a Model

Taking your Bash Skills to the Next Level

Take your Bash skills to the next level. In this series you will learn to script bash commands, create functions, control the flow of applications and much much more! Use the termianl to automate away all the boring things in your life.

  1. Take your bash Skills to the Next Level
  2. Automating Tasks with Bash Scripts
  3. What is the PATH and Environment Variables

Bash, Terminals, and Command Line Interface (CLIs)

Learn how to take advantage of the command line. In this series you will learn the basics of the termial and bash. By the end you will be able to navigate your filesystem and learn how to create, edit, and delete files all from the terminal without ever opening a GUI. These skill are very helpful if you are learning basic programming and/or are planning to use a Super Computer or Cloud Server.

  1. Intro to Bash: Why are CLIs Useful
  2. What is Bash and How do I Open the Terminal?
  3. Navigating your Files with Bash
  4. Creating, Moving, Editing, and Deleting Files from the Terminal
  5. Final Thoughts: Discover New Commands and Inspiration for More

Git and GitHub: Whats the Big Deal

Version Control Like a pro with git. In this series you will learn how to use git and how to properly collaborate with GitHub.

  1. I Don't... GIT it
  2. Taking Git for a Test Drive
  3. So whats the deal with GitHub/Gitlab
  4. Why do I Need Git/GitHub? Why not DropBox?